Fortune Financial's Lawrence Hamtil interviews Pim van Vliet

"Over the last few years, Lawrence has written several times about the myth of more risk equaling more reward, explaining that, historically, the opposite has been true: low-volatility sectors and strategies have outperformed more volatile sectors and strategies.


Lawrence: "In January, after publishing "Why Low-Vol Strategies Make Sense Now", I was pleasantly surprised by an email from Jan de Koning of Robeco in the Netherlands, who, along with Pim van Vliet, PhD, manages a multi-billion dollar fund based on the low-volatility 'paradox.' Jan had come across my article, and was kind enough to share the knowledge on low-volatility investing that he and Pim have accumulated over the years. To make a long story short, Jan and Pim are experts on low-volatility investing, and after reading their wonderful book on the topic, I invited them to do a brief Q&A about their findings, which Pim was kind enough to do here."


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