#1 Position on the Top 10 Must Read Finance Books of 2017

Finance Monthly has heard from Tamir Davies, content writer and researcher for Savoy Stewart, on the top 10 finance based books to look out for this year, a little about each and which reader they are best suited to.


Tackling the subject of ‘finance’, no matter your aim or venture, can be a difficult feat. It is a tricky topic to get your head around, even if you consider yourself an expert, and as the saying goes ‘knowledge is power’. One traditional way of acquiring this knowledge is by reading. You may be a solicitor, accountant, commercial property investor or CFO, but the ultimate aim is the same – to better yourself in the financial world and to make a return on investment.


1. High Returns from Low Risk: A remarkable Stock Market Paradox by Pim Van Vliet

Traditionally, investors used to view low-risk stocks as safe but unprofitable. And of course profitability is the most important aspect of financial investment. However, this is now a flawed theory. This book, explores how low-risk stocks are actually proving to be far more beneficial, and can outperform high-risk stocks. If you used to believe, the higher the risk, the greater the reward – this old axiom is holding you back. Who’s it for: If you have money and want to know where to put it, with maximum return. Suitable for investors, those in private equity and property investment.

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